Rooting the Galaxy S2 i9100P with ICS brand TIM

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The root of the Galaxy S2 is a process that is not too different to other Android devices. But the release of ICS for the TIM branded S2 with NFC chip, the GT-i9100P, is different and does not accept the rooting process as the unbranded version. But we have found the way to root it too.


Disclaimer: is not responsible for any problems that should occur during the following procedure. You do it at your own risk, you’re responsible for any damage that may occur to your phone.


This is what you need:

1. Recovery CWM

2. Odin

3. SU-Busybox-Installer

4. SU-Busybox-UnInstaller (use to unroot your device)

5. branded TIM

6. Nobrand

7. Mobile Odin Pro


Mobile Odin Pro costs 4.75 euros, but I assure you that the kind of software it’s worth it. In the rooting process of the Nobrand version I went smoothly without any problem; for the TIM version, despite the installation messages were all positive, the terminal was not rooted: infact the SU command does not even seem to be installed. Despite the various kernel tried, none has been successful and the result was always the same.

Looking at the file system using Titanium BackUp I noticed that the system partition’size was 0 bytes free of 528MB. I think this is the problem: the file must be placed in the \system folder but it hasn’t the space required for installation. This is my opinion and I’m not a developer therefore I may be wrong, but a particular that we will see later could confirm my hypothesis.

But let’s start with the practice.

First you have to do a wipe, thus losing all the data you have stored on the Galaxy: contacts, calendar, programs … But you can resynchronize them at reboot, don’t worry. Open the phone keypad and type * # 2767 * 3855: Note that the procedure does not require confirmation as it starts automatically. Do not configure the device at next restart and turn off the Galaxy.


Now run ODIN and clicking on the PDA, select the firmware ICS branded, launch the Galaxy in download mode by pressing the HOME button + power + volume down, then press volume up to confirm you want to enter download mode.

Now wait for Windows to install the necessary drivers and if that does not happen install Kies (remember to kill the process in task manager before you start with ODIN). When Odin will tell you that your device is connected to a specific COM then you can proceed by pressing the start button.


The process will take a few minutes to complete and will end with auto-restart of the phone. When you’ll return to ICS first configuration, just skip it to go to home screen. Now you need to transfer files SU-CWM.ZIP and on the phone’s external memory via the windows explorer window, then turn off the phone. Turn it back on into recovery mode by pressing the HOME button + volume up+ power, choose to install a zip file from the memory and select CWM.ZIP. You have just launched the recovery without installing it; this is the touch version then use your fingers and not the volume keys to scroll the menu.


Select install zip from sdcard, then choose At the end of the process you can restart the device using the appropriate item in the main menu of the recovery.

Turn the phone on and set up your account by entering Google credentials so you can download Titanium BackUp; launch it and if no messages will appear about the root it will mean that the process has been successful .

But now it’s time to pay for downloading the mobile odin pro from Google Play. Copy the TIM firmware version on the phone internal memory card. Launch Mobile odin on the Galaxy, scroll down and choose to open the file that you’ve just copied the phone: the ICS TIM.

Then you have to select 2 items, but they should already have a tick:

1. Inject SuperUser

2. Inject Mobile Odin

3. Inject CWM Manager (uncheck this)


Now you can click on the flash firmware and wait and the Galaxy will automatically restart after a few minutes.

Reboot into recovery again, run CWM.ZIP and go to clean cache and Dalvik (Advanced menu). FINISHED.


Before starting the process I want to inform you that Odin Mobile to complete the procedure will delete Google Maps to free some space and here you’ll find my hypothesis about the size of the system ROM: it was unable to flash superuser because of space lack in \system folder.


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